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Womb Connection Circles

Kibworth | 8-9.30pm | £12 (get in touch if finances are an issue) | Extra content £10 per month

16th Feb, 8th March, 5th April, 10th May, 7th June, 5th July, 2nd Aug, 6th Sept, 4th Oct, 1st Nov

A sisterhood circle for women to re-connect to their womb space for healing and empowerment and to support each other. A space to be authentically you, with no need to pretend to be fine. The womb is the source of our life force but for a long time this sacred organ has been ignored, shamed and used a rubbish dump for repressed feelings; which is why collectively there is so much pain, disease and trauma within the womb. As the throne of femininity, it is essential to heal and celebrate this space so that the balance of femininity and masculinity can become more equal in our world - this is what will make our world a more harmonious place to live.


The ten circles will be a complete introduction to connecting with your womb for healing. You will get the most out of it if you come to every circle, but you do not have to commit to this - it will be a pay as you go basis. There will also be the option of buying course content (meditations, guided movement, journeys and journalling prompts) to do at home in between the circles.
To book or for more info message me: or 07871832709

Circle content

16th Feb - Inner child

Journey to meet your inner child, the gifts and shadows of the inner child, play, curiosity and creativity, the voice

8th March - The Mother

Journey to meet your inner mother, how do you need mothering now, sister wound, what do you want to create?

5th April - The Lover

Journey to meet your inner beloved, meeting your wild, sensual self through freedom of expression, pleasure

10th May - The Crone

Journey to meet your inner crone, embracing aging and menopause, witch wound, sacred rage, 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki

7th June - Earth

Gifts and shadows of earth, nurturing the physical body, plant and crystal allies for womb healing

5th July - Fire

Gifts and shadows of fire, considering your own birth chart, sexuality, working with the sun for personal evolution

2nd Aug - Air

Gifts and shadows of air, using the voice, womb-throat links, mugwort for dreaming, sounds of the womb

6th Sept - Water

Gifts and shadows of water, balance between the elements, cord releasing, healing the earth's waters

4th Oct - The void

Meeting the void with love instead of fear, being with not knowing, goddesses

1st Nov - Integration

Reflecting on the journey - archetypes and elements, a promise to your womb, continuing on the womb journey

Spiritual Meditation
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