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Emotion in Motion
27th June, 10.30-11.30am, Home Ed Group, £10
27th June, 4.30-5.30pm, Open Eve, Free
7th July, 11am -1pm, Full workshop, £15 - £25 

Little Explorers Activity Club, East Farndon

Are you looking for a way to encouarge your child to connect with and express their emotions in a healthy, creative way? Would you like your child to be more emotionally resilient and agile? 

In this workshop we talk about emotions, how they are connected to the body and can get stuck in the body if not given expression. This can cause illness, both physical and emotional. 

We give children and parents a chance to talk about how they experience emotions and which ones they find most difficult to feel. In this session, we normalise feeling the full breadth of human emotions and give ways to manage the ones that feel more difficult. We include fun mindfulness and meditation practises, shamanic drumming and creative expression to encouarge you and your child to connect with and listen to your heart and true feelings, using them as signposts. 

We then give you and your family space, tools and opportunity to express different emotions using art, sound and somatic movement. 

Who we are

The workshop is ran by myself, a teacher of 14 years with a post graduate diploma in Working with Children and Families - A Psychodynamic Approach and Sarah Mowday, teacher of 12 years, autism level 2 trained, mindfulness teacher and nearly qualified creative therapist.

To book please send us a DM for payment details.

Andrea: 07871832709

Sarah: 07572464644

Sarah Mowday: Eenie Meenie Mow

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