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Free Your Voice

A family friendly, fun class to discover the healing, feel good power of your own voice. The class is about connecting to your heart and learning how to use the vibration of your voice to shift and balance emotions to feel fantastic. It includes, meditation, movement, sounding and singing. 

Contact me for more info or to book: 07871832709. 

Welland Park, Market Harborough. Every other Wednesday. 6.30pm
12th June, 26th June, 10th July

Womb Connection Circle

Kibworth or Zoom | 8 - 10pm | £12 (please get in touch if finances are an issue) 
16th Feb, 8th March, 5th April, 10th May, 7th June, 5th July, 2nd Aug, 6th Sept, 4th Oct, 1st Nov

A sisterhood circle for women to re-connect to their womb space for healing and empowerment and to support each other. A space to be authentically you, with no need to pretend to be fine. The womb is the source of our life force but for a long time this sacred organ has been ignored, shamed and used a rubbish dump for repressed feelings; which is why collectively there is so much pain, disease and trauma within the womb. As the throne of femininity, it is essential to heal and celebrate this space so that the balance of femininity and masculinity can become more equal in our world - this is what will make our world a more harmonious place to live. Click here for more info.

Pay by Paypal to book @ABeattie332 and get in touch for location: 07871832709


Body Wisdom

The Roundhouse Haven, Stoke Albany | 6 - 7.30pm | £15 (please get in touch if finances are an issue) 
23rd Feb, 22nd March, 26th April, 24th May, 28th June, 19th July, 20th Sept, 18th Oct, 15th Nov

A class for women to get in touch with the body's innate wisdom and it's sensual, feminine nature. A space to get in touch with your wild, instinctual nature through freedom of expression. You will be empowered  to feel vibrant through: Being guided on how to deeply listen to your own unique body; guided and intuitive, sensual, wild movement; voice work and connecting to your soul through receiving sound. This class will flow through meditation and movement, followed by a sound journey from my shamanic drum and soul songs.

Fire Circles

The Roundhouse Haven, Stoke Albany | £6 adults, £1 children
Beltane - 27th April - 6 - 7.30pm
More dates to follow.

Family friendly circles to celebrate this wonderful planet we are lucky enough to call home as she moves through her seasons. We will make music with the earth to say thank you for all she gives us. Bring a camping chair, open hearts, noisy voices, song suggestions and your instruments. Hot chocolate and marshmallows provided. 

Contact me to book: 07871832709

Listening to Gaia

Gumley | Free
14th April | 12pm
For anyone who wants to connect more deeply with
Gaia through meditation

Free meditation group in nature to practise a deep listening to your body and to the earth. You will be given space to connect more deeply with your body and the earth to help make your own inner garden, even more of a nice place to be.

Contact me to book: 07871832709

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