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Who I Am and What I Do

I am Andrea (PGCE, PGDip) - mother, teacher, healer, womb shaman and voice free-er. My background is in primary education and through my own healing journey I realised that the answers and healing I was seeking, lay within me already. My journey took me to talking therapy and eventually, through connecting with my womb, finding my way back home - to myself, my body and the earth - remembering my ancient origins. I am the light I seek and I found this through my womb, which led to my drum, which led to my healing soul language and medicine songs. In 2023 I qualified as a holistic womb healer with Angie Twydall at Sanctuary of Sophia (IPHM training provider). I offer my drumming and soul songs to all, to help people connect to Gaia's heart beat and their own soul for healing. I offer cyclical living 1:1s, to help women connect to, nurture and heal their womb spaces. I co-create spaces for families to navigate connecting to, feeling and expressing emotions in a healthy way; through our Emotion in Motion workshop. I create spaces for women to share and heal through their wombs; spaces to connect to nature; spaces to heal through recieving drumming and medicine songs and spaces to free your voice to heal yourself.

My mission is to support you to come home to yourself, connect with your emotions, remember your sacredness and to feel vibrant by freeing your voice, soul singing, drumming and connecting with the earth.

Instagram: @earth_beatts 

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Why the drum?

The drum represents the earth's heartbeat and helps connect us to the earth through rhythm. The drum is the most ancient healing tool and was used by our ancestors for ritual, celebration, healing, ceremony, birth, death, to encourage seeds to grow and much more besides! The frame drum is also a representation of the moon and the cirlce symbolises the changing of the seasons and the cyclical nature of birth, life and death and rebirth. Pre-patriarchy women were seen as equal to men and were spiritual leaders too. Women's cyclical nature was respected and communities lived in harmony with women's cycles, with the drum being an integral part of community life. When you listen to the drum in meditation, you will hear so many different layers of sounds and vibrations coming from her. She takes you out of your mind and into a deep state of relaxation where you may see visions and feel a sense of deep peace. The vibrations of the drum vibrate every one of your cells and these vibrations go to where they are most needed in your physical and energy body, releasing stuck or stagnant energy.

Meet my drum

My drum represents the Welsh Goddess Rhiannon - the goddess of love. I birthed her myself with Heron Drums and she is crafted with love out of the willow tree and horse hide. The willow tree is known as the lady of the waters and is a healing tree. She encourages repressed emotions to surface and be expressed so they can be released from the body. The horse is one of my spirit guides and represents endurance, grace, power and beauty. My drum's mission is to spread love and joy wherever she goes. Sometimes this may mean releasing more uncomfortable emotions first, to help a person have more access to their inner joy.

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What is soul language?

Soul language is a huge area and quite difficult to put into words using logic and reason. It is a form of soul expression where my soul is able to express freely through song without the limitations of language; and it is profoundly healing. It is a way for my soul to communicate with your soul, channelled by the earth and the sounds I sing are different for each person I work with, always whatever the person receiving most needs. They are for your highest good and in the nature of our heart's truest essence, love. 

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